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Age : 46
Location : 52333-B Rosewood Road, Ravenwood
Job/hobbies : mud riding, and 4 wheel riding
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PostSubject: 35formaotion   January 25th 2009, 6:20 pm

i have banned him ,,, enough is enough,, he cant give no info that is requred by him ... and has bullyed all members, usiing faul language on chat,,, the last i looked they cant be doin that stuff... he has tried to bully me by tellin me that i will be fired from mods if i bann him.. well then ok ... he has posted advertisments on the site to sell real stuff.. that is not permited on boards.. i have never heard of a board sellin shirts that say the sites name... i dont think so ... and if i do get banned for this then ok.. i know i done my job adn wont let harm come to you all ...



I'm a mom of 2 wonderful kids .. they are both on this site as well... we love to go mud riding an 4 wheel riding... yell if you need my help here...

sometimes being out of control is the only way to be in control
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